I’m working on my biggest and most elaborate project yet – expecting my first baby at the end of August 2015. I’m going to dramatically decrease my workload for the rest of 2015 accordingly, though I’m not going to stop working altogether – just change direction.

Recent Projects in chronological order (updated July 2015):

  • For the past two years, I’ve been helping out Indigenous Movement with some of their web/PR/communication needs on a volunteer basis, including writing all of their website content.
  • From January – March 2015, I worked at Sid Lee Amsterdam on a global Point of Sale print shoot for Skyn, a condom brand.
  • At the end of January I worked on a great shoot at the beautiful Eye cinema in Amsterdam with Godmother Films. I was hired as the production manager for the two-day scripted shoot. I also worked on a feature film project with Godmother Films as a line producer with an incredibly talented group of people, back in January – March 2015. Line producing for a scripted film was a new thing for me, and I loved learning this new role.
  • I occasionally do remote projects for Patagonia (December 2014 – January 2015, then again in July 2015), quality control/proofing for their new product line (e-commerce site). I have a lot of respect for Patagonia, as a very popular brand that cares very strongly their environmental footprint.
  • In July 2014, I returned to 180 Amsterdam for a few months to work as a Broadcast producer for Heineken and Asics. This was my forth gig at 180, and I worked there for several months while also keeping up with the IGRAC and several other side jobs.
  • Worked at Tommy Hilfiger‘s main office in Amsterdam within their in-house agency for almost three months, May – July 2014. They called me a Creative Manager; the work was pretty similar to being a PM or Producer at an advertising agency, except I managed a lot more projects at the same time.
  • Around February 2014 I picked up two pretty exciting direct-for-client jobs. I project managed the development of a new app for a New York based technology startup and directed a promo video. Then in March, I started development on a video production with the International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre in Delft (update: you can view the finished video here, I’m incredibly proud of this project).
  • In December 2013, I started working for Devergy as their Director of Communications. I handle press & events, manage social media channels, write and create all their web content, and basically keep an eye on anything to do with their branding and communication. This position varies in time commitment, and is usually something I do while I work on other jobs as well.
  • In 2013, I happily worked with 180 Amsterdam (again!) on some great Playstation web videos & broadcast spots in addition to helping out with audio/visual supervision and some digital & print projects for Qatar and DHL. Always great to be called back to 180.
  • After returning to Amsterdam from a sabbatical in Mexico, I was hired as a project manager at AKQA, a digital agency that gave me the chance to work on a great video production project for MINI in addition to digital PM tasks. Exactly the kind of project I love – cool client, great creative team, and the chance to keep the video production completely Amsterdam-based.
  • While living in Mexico for 8 months, I produced, shot, and edited a promo for a local organization called Cholula en Bici to exhibit at local meetings and events. Combining my love of documentary style/on the street interviews with bicycle rights – how could I say no? Online here, in Spanish with English subtitles to come.
  • Worked at 180 Amsterdam as the shoot producer on some great Asics web films and on an interactive project for Western Union. I really enjoyed the broadcast/digital overlap of that project, and being able to slip into both roles easily.
  • Line produced with a great team of people at Bright Alley to put together a greenscreen shoot for Heineken with an all-local crew.
  • Spent three weeks in Tanzania as a one-person film crew on a documentary shoot, handling all the video and sound production. Those videos are live at and on my vimeo page. It was a fantastic experience to work very hands-on, and my first time directing and producing for the same project.
  • Produced an animated video for Devergy to introduce their idea to the world. They provide clean, sustainable, solar energy to rural villages in Africa at very affordable cost that residents can afford. Animation by Magness Animations.
  • Produced the global Asus/Intel campaign in 2011, which consisted of broadcast, web films, and a massive print campaign. My Vimeo page hosts a selection of work that I handled for Lateral in 2011.
  • I’ve worked on a lot of videos & digital projects for exhibitions or for internal purposes that I don’t keep public for obvious reasons. If you need help on a pitch or internal project, I’m happy to talk to you more in person or by phone about what I’ve done in the past.