I got my start in television and documentary production in New York City, which will always feel like home. However, I’ve been living and working in Amsterdam since April 2008, first as the A/V Producer for Wieden+Kennedy, and then as a freelance producer & project manager for web films, broadcast spots, print, and digital projects.

Working in advertising for 7 years kept me sharp – crazy deadlines, tasks that seem impossible at first, and maneuvering my way around a team of talented people was the part I loved – and yes, that is being written in the past tense. These days my sights of focused on short documentary pieces, informative/educational videos, and collaborating with startup businesses and organizations to promote new an innovative services. I’m doing more writing and research, and I love the craft of video making and exhibition, so I’m always ready to pick up a camera myself, update a website, edit videos, or hold a boom mic.

I’m happiest when I’m working with a group of passionate, creative, hard-working people with a lot of noise in the background. Outside of work, I watch a lot of movies, read a lot of non-fiction, keep an eye peeled on low-cost airline tickets to warm places, and dance to rock music whenever possible. I’ve lived in NYC, Paris, Mexico, Florence, and Los Angeles, so while I call Amsterdam home, I’m certainly not constrained my location. I have no interest in working a 9-5 job, but keeping a healthy work/life balance is something I cherish. Luckily when you love what you do, it’s pretty easy to keep everything in balance.

Find me on linkedin here, check out my vimeo page, or send me an email and I’ll happily tell you more.


IBAN:                           NL 37ABNA0468484868
BIC:                            ABNANL2A