Integrated in video, digital, animation, and print production. I am available to take short-term contracts or full-time work, and have several years of experience in Europe working for global clients at top advertising agencies, as well as start-ups and local businesses. My background in television production, writing and development, post-production, digital environments, and documentary filmmaking means that I’m always open to doing something different. Please see my recent work experience as an example (for a complete CV, please send me an email).

Video Production Services

With experience in every aspect of video production – from writing to sound recording, editing, and everything in between, I am quite used to (and enjoy!) changing roles quickly. Arranging productions in Amsterdam (of any size and scope) at the drop of a hat is a specialty – I can create teams of varying sizes from a trusted network of talented freelance directors, editors, designers, set assistants, illustrators, animators, etc. When the job call for it, I also shoot a Canon EOS 7d and can handle the responsibilities of a one-person film crew myself.